5 Reasons to Choose Our Maryland Vacation Rentals

As you prepare for your upcoming vacation to Annapolis, there’s probably a lot of things going through your mind: When can you arrange vacation? How can you save money on plane tickets? What do you pack? And most importantly, where are you going to stay? Well, At Home Annapolis can take a huge part of the load off your mind, as we are the best vacation rental company in all of Maryland. And no, it’s not bragging if you have the facts to back it up! Here’s our list of the top five reasons you should choose our Maryland vacation rentals for your fantastic Maryland vacation!

Warm & Inviting Features

Anyone can buy a house and rent it out to vacationers, but an At Home Annapolis property has that extra something that makes guests feel at home. Many of our homes are located in the historic district and offer features new builds never get right: wood floors, exposed brick, and deep clawfoot tubs that are perfect for soaking the chill right out of your bones. Renovated kitchens retain their historic charm but make meal prep a breeze, and the décor is both warm and inviting. We offer furnished rentals in Annapolis, MD and you won’t ever worry about walking into an empty rental.

Luxury Amenities

It’s the little things that bring people back time and time again, and our amenities are designed to make our guests feel pampered and spoiled. Depending on which homes you choose, you’ll find fireplaces, balconies that look out over the water, games, wireless internet, and state of the art electronics. Your comfort means everything to us.


There’s nothing worse than getting stuck out in the middle of nowhere, miles away from everything fun, and spending more time in the car driving to places than actually seeing the sights. Our properties are located near all the things that make Annapolis special; you just need to choose which spot pleases you most!

Designed for Families

We understand what families need, and when you stay in one of our homes you’ll discover just what that means. Some families can’t imagine vacationing without their precious pooches; luckily, many of our homes are pet friendly! Other families enjoy spending an evening watching movies, and still others prefer to play old-fashioned board games on Friday nights. All our homes have large televisions with cable, and many of our homes have a closet filled with board games. If your family needs it, chances are you will find it one of our furnished rentals in Annapolis, MD!

Vacation Home Rentals Maryland

Our attention to detail ensures that your Annapolis vacation is guaranteed to go down in the record books as one of the best vacations EVER. Reserve your stay today and discover for yourself why so many people from all over the world choose us!

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