Hogshead Museum

One of the many advantages of living in Annapolis is being able to experience an area where history lives. Although the pilgrims did not land near here, Maryland was home to many of our founding fathers, including a couple whose signatures can be found on the bottom of America’s Declaration of Independence. As you walk along the same cobblestone streets those early heroes once walked upon, everywhere you glance you will find another piece of history, another reminder of how far we have come in just a few hundred years. There are some amazing Annapolis museums here! The 19th-century Hogshead in Annapolis building is one example that shouldn’t be missed!

Hogshead in Annapolis Is Located at 43 Pinkney Street

Open for tours on weekends from March through December, Hogshead is an example of a type of architecture we don’t see much of anymore. Recognized for its gambrel roof (resembling one on an old barn), during revolutionary times this style of home was a popular building choice. Costing very little to construct, its wood-framed structure was often home to families as well as military recruits waiting to serve their country in the Revolutionary War. Hogshead wasn’t built until the 1800s, long after the war had ended, but it has been preserved to allow visitors to get an example of what life might have been like in those early years.

Maryland State House | Hogshead | 0003 KR Beach Club

Almost lost to the ravages of time in the 60s, Historic Annapolis quickly realized its merit and renovated what could be saved, rebuilding what was too far gone, and even going as far as to dig out the cellar that had been filled in sometime in the 1800s. Wanting to be able to give an authentic example of the earlier gambrel-roofed buildings that once filled the streets of Annapolis, the attention to detail makes it difficult to discover what parts are new and what parts have been there forever! Offering free admission for its tours that are led by volunteers who dress in period clothing, this historic building is only open from noon until 4PM, so be sure to get there early if you don’t want to miss out on a fascinating glimpse into history! This is definitely one of the most beautiful Annapolis museums. Learn more about the most important Annapolis museums!

Fast Forward to Present Day

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