Vin 909 Wine Café

Wine makes us very happy, and as further research is being completed showing that it is healthy for us to have our daily glass of the grape, we all tend to become wine experts discussing the legs, body, and silkiness of each glass we drink. When you combine the best wine with the simple, organic, and locally sourced meals offered at Vin 909 Winecafe, well, you get a dining experience that outshines most! Open every day except Mondays, Vin 909 opens for lunch between noon and 3 PM, closes for a couple of hours to prepare for the dinner rush, and opens again at 5:00 or 5:30 PM. On Sundays, there is no early opening for lunch.

Located at 909 Bay Ridge Avenue in Annapolis

From the outside, the cottage that houses Vin 909 Winecafe in Annapolis is a charming one, perhaps something your grandmother would have lived in if she lived in the paradise that is Annapolis, and the feeling continues when you step inside. Brightly painted walls, original wood floors, and the lively chatter of happy diners mingle with the aromatic scents that waft throughout the space. A fenced-in patio in the “backyard” offers more spots to enjoy the wine and food served in this popular restaurant and gives another nod to the family that once lived and loved here before it evolved into an eatery.

The Menu of Vin 909 Winecafe

The menu at Vin 909 Winecafe in Annapolis changes regularly and especially with the seasons, but don’t worry about missing out on your favorite dishes if you’ve dined here before; the new items they offer will soon be your new favorites! Starting with charcuterie boards, all topped with fresh and local veggies and cheeses, and ending with desserts that include butterscotch pudding and chocolate pot de crème, the thought and detail put into the preparation of the dishes can be tasted with every bite. Seafood includes a blue crab tower made with fried wonton, chilled citrus crab mix, Old Bay aioli, and corn coulis; the imagination behind this dish’s creation is obviously without limit. Pizza with wild boar meatballs serve carnivores well, and vegetarians will be pleased at the taste of their Summer Eggplant sandwich topped with triple cream brie and arugula walnut pesto. Dessert wines, French Press coffee, and organic tea that go along with the meals are just as impressive and imaginative!

Take Some Home

When your stomach is too full to handle another bite, it doesn’t mean you have to leave food on your plate; ask for a box and enjoy a late-night snack that tastes even better than it did the first time in the comfort of your fully equipped At Home Annapolis vacation escape. Reserve yours today! Be sure to contact us!

(443) 837-6870