Top Take-out Restaurants in Annapolis

As the world rapidly changes around us, it’s always comforting to know that some things will always stay the same, such as the sight of a country landscape on a quiet night, and for many of us, the taste of food we’ve picked up on our way home from work. We’re a busy generation, rushing here, running there, and overscheduling the minutes of our day, so when dinnertime rolls around, the convenience of a good meal prepared by someone else is too good to skip. The same applies while on vacation as well. Some nights you just don’t want to dress up and go out; you just want to enjoy a delicious meal in your comfy clothes. When your travels bring you to Maryland, these special spots are the top takeout restaurants in Annapolis!

Rixie’s Carry-Out, 2023 West Street

 When the words carry-out are in the name, you have to figure it might be an awesome place to grab and go—and you would be right! Serving a delicious assortment of your Asian favorites, Rixie’s is where the locals will be found pretty much any night of the week. Their sushi is perfect and their egg rolls always hit the spot!

Rocco’s Pizzeria, 954 Bay Ridge Road

 For at least a few generations, this pizza place has been THE place for comfort pies on a crazy Tuesday night, and if you skip out on your chance to see what all the fuss is about, you’ll regret it forever. Featuring New York and Sicilian style pizzas, subs, and beer, this retro pizza parlor hasn’t changed much in all the years it has been open, but that’s ok. When you want good pizza you can enjoy in the comfort of your At Home Annapolis vacation escape, Rocco’s is the first place on our list!

Sam’s on the Waterfront, 2020 Chesapeake Harbour Drive E

Here’s a secret you may not have realized: Nearly every restaurant can be carry-out, you just have to ask! Sam’s on the Waterfront is one of our favorite dine-in spots, but over the years it has also been a great place to enjoy from home. Call ahead at 410-263-3600 and pick up your favorite seafood dish on your way back from one of your Annapolis adventures, and don’t forget dessert; their Local Smith Island Cake is about to be your new obsession and is one of the many reasons we think Sam’s is a contender for the top take-out restaurants in Annapolis!

Iron Rooster, 12 Market Space

As we mentioned above, ANY restaurant can be carry-out these days, and we just love that we can enjoy our favorites in the comfort of our homes! Iron Rooster has long been a go-to for hearty breakfasts that are served all day, lunches that remind of us of those we enjoyed at grandma’s house when we were younger, and dinners followed by decadent desserts, and having the option of home dining makes it even better. Order online or call (410) 990-1600 and you will be sampling their chicken and shrimp before you even finish reading about their waffle churros!

Preserve, 164 Main Street

Maryland is famous for its crab and its farm fresh comfort food and Preserve offers a new twist to the classic dishes you love. Featuring a menu that is created from locally sourced ingredients whenever possible, their primary focus is food that has been canned, pickled, fermented, and conserved, every bite is flavorful and healthy. Try their tomato aquachili when you want to stay on the lighter side or order their barbecue pork ribs topped with black garlic or honey mustard barbecue sauces. They can be reached on their website or by calling (443) 598-6920.

Vida Taco Bar, 200 Main Street

Every day can be taco Tuesday, and except for when driving to pick up your favorite treat, you don’t even have to wear pants! Dining in is closed for the moment at Vida Taco Bar, but they are open for take-out and are happily serving your favorite Mexican and Spanish dishes; even some of their specialty cocktails are available to go when you call (443) 837-6521. Their watermelon margaritas and purple dranks are practically world-famous!

Now That You Have a Few Ideas

Once you have decided which delicious restaurant you’re going to frequent, it is time to enjoy it in the space you’ve made your own! In good weather, sitting out on the deck, watching the sunset, and sipping on your purple drank can be the perfect ending to another day in paradise, but it it’s too hot, too rainy, too cold, or too buggy, our dining room tables offer enough seats for everyone to come together for a community meal! Our homes are designed to make even the most common activities feel as if you are doing something extra special and that includes eating take-out dishes from any of the places listed above!

Eating in or Eating Out at the Top Take Out Restaurants in Annapolis

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