Top 5 Restaurants for a Healthy Bite

The only potential downside to traveling can be our tendency to eat at fast food restaurants or to enjoy too many rich meals and decadent desserts during our travels. And even though our At Home Annapolis vacation hideaways offer fully equipped kitchens that make preparing healthy meals less of a chore and more of a fun activity, you’re still not going to want to cook every meal; you’re on vacation, after all! Fortunately, we’ve lived here long enough to know where to find all the healthy restaurants in Annapolis that manage to serve healthy food that is still tasty and addictive, and we’ve created this guide to the top five places in town. Oh, and if you’re the only one that knows you’re guiding your family to healthy spots, we’ll keep that information just between us. The food won’t give it away—we promise!

Zoë’s Kitchen, 1901 Towne Centre Boulevard #105

The first step in preparing meals that are healthy and delicious is choosing fresh and local ingredients whenever possible, and this is no secret to the chefs at Zoë’s Kitchen! Offering a varied selection of Mediterranean inspired dishes that include kabobs filled with salmon, chicken, and steak, every dish tastes so good you’ll forget they are good for you! Their Kabob Family Dinner comes with 10 kabobs of your choice, roasted veggies, and a pint of sauce; the low price means you can save money, eat healthy, and still come away full and satisfied! What a deal!

Potato Valley Café, 47 State Circle #100

Although we have learned that the potato may not be as healthy as we once thought, Potato Valley Café offers a large selection of healthy food items that allow you to splurge a little when it comes to calories and carbs! Enjoy a Greek Salad with your Artichoke Mix Potato or skip the potato altogether and devour the Marinated Grilled Chicken Breast sandwich topped with Havarti cheese, lettuce, tomato, and honey mustard. Whichever you choose, all ingredients are fresh, local, and organic!

Preserve, 164 Main Street

For those of you who may have grown up on a farm, you probably remember very well the taste of fruits and vegetables harvested from the land you own. Served fresh, canned, pickled, and upon occasion, fermented, the flavors made the flavor of produce shine. During your Annapolis adventures, you can experience those flavorful moments once again with a visit to Preserve and a taste of their American style foods created with produce preserved in the ways you remember so fondly from your youth. Do yourselves a favor and order the Chef’s Choice off the menu; six courses for only $49 is a great deal, and no one knows better than the chefs at Preserve which dishes are the best! Don’t miss one of the best healthy restaurants in Annapolis!

Vin 909 Winecafe, 909 Bay Ridge Avenue

The happiest day of our lives was when it was discovered that wine, in moderation, is good for you, and the owners of Vin 909 were probably pretty happy themselves! Offering rich wines that pair wonderfully with their farm to table menu, don’t be surprised when you find yourself visiting more than once during your Annapolis getaway! The menu changes with each season, guaranteeing that the meals being served are fresh from the fields. Winter fare tends to be heavier and lean towards wild boar meatballs and cast-iron skirt steak, each prepared simply to allow the flavors to melt in your mouth.

Lemongrass, 167 West Street

Thai food can be surprisingly fattening, but not the dishes served at Lemongrass, our favorite way to enjoy the spice and heat without adding a lot of fat and calories! Known for preparing local favorites with a Thai twist, their Chesapeake Pad Thai is some of our favorite healthy food in Annapolis that we can never get enough of!

Healthy Food in Annapolis at Home

On those nights you just don’t feel like leaving the comfortable surroundings of your At Home Annapolis vacation home away from home, a quick trip to Whole Foods, located in the Annapolis Towne Centre, and a few minutes in one of our fully equipped kitchens can be all you need to experience healthy, hearty, and delicious! Reserve your stay with us today!

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