The Federal House

One of the best parts of living or visiting Annapolis is the history that surrounds you everywhere you go. Our forefathers once walked these streets and that shop you just visited for souvenirs could have been a home that has stood there since before our nation became independent. Enjoying a beverage or a meal in a historic building enhances the flavors—especially when the restaurant you are visiting is The Federal House! Located in a historic structure built in the 1830s and open every day of the week from 11 AM until 2AM, this moderately priced tavern has long been a favorite of locals and visitors from all over the world!

The Federal House in Annapolis: Located at 22 Market Space 

From the exterior, the painted brick structure that houses the Federal House resembles many of the other buildings you see dotting the landscape of Annapolis, offering a small patio in front where you may find diners and their dogs enjoying their meals. Inside, bare brick walls, wood floors, and a massive dark wood bar offer a warm and welcoming ambience that is enhanced by the aromas of your favorite meals cooking. Friendly wait staff, the happy chatter of guests, and periodic live music nights make The Federal House one of our favorite places to eat or drink!

The Menu

Every bite of every dish is better than the last. Offering a delicious shareable menu that includes the famous Federal House Crab Dip, Oven Roasted Wings, and a succulent Island Shrimp Cocktail, the only problem you may face is narrowing down your food choices! Crustless Crab Quiche, Bacon Jam Burgers, even a thick and juicy Bison Burger are all cooked to perfection and served by a smiling waiter. Their Signature Sandwich Menu includes such local favorites as a Crab Cake Sandwich or an Avocado Turkey Club, and their dessert menu is small but mighty! Your mouth will begin watering at the first sight of their skillet brownie, served warm and topped with cookie and cream ice cream, caramel and chocolate sauce, crushed Oreo cookies, and whipped cream.

A kids’ menu filled with the meals your finicky eaters love, weekly specials that change regularly, and a full bar adds to the perfection of our favorite bar and grill! And because all of Annapolis is pet friendly, The Federal House in Annapolis offers a menu that is exclusively for your pups; featuring Peas and Carrot Paw Prints, Mini Dog Bone Treats, Yappy Carrots (served raw) and a Bow Wow Burger that is every bit as delicious as the one on your plate, your fur baby will feel pampered when you dine at this historic spot!

Coming Home to At Home Annapolis

Coming home, doggie bag in hand, to one of our comfortable and stylish vacation escapes promises to be the best part of the day—reserve yours today!

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