Preserve Restaurant Annapolis

Preserve Annapolis is a restaurant focused on using local, sustainable ingredients. As the name suggests, pickled, preserved and fermented items are prominent on the menu. We can’t decide which menu is our favorite: lunch, dinner or brunch. All of them are worth coming in for!

Unique Dishes at Preserve Annapolis

We love that Preserve Restaurant Annapolis serves unique dishes like shakshouka—eggs cooked in a spicy tomato and bell pepper ragu with grilled toast for dipping—and fried egg grits with Maryland blue crab. Or enjoy smoked Chesapeake blue catfish spread with thick-cut potato chips, parsley, capers and minced onions—and that’s just a starter! Alongside the more unique stuff are the classics like smoked salmon benedict, BLT, Bloody Marys, and mimosas.

The desert menu is worth staying for, too, with bread pudding, vegan pot de creme, moose and tandy cake, and rice white cake with chocolate and peanut butter. For dinner, choose between amazing meals such as pan roasted Chesapeake rockfish, gnocchi, and Maryland crab tortillas.

Classic Drinks and a Solid Happy Hour

The drink menu is simple and straightforward. It contains a solid list of wines and beers. Bartenders make one cocktail per liquor: choose from rum, tequila, gin, whiskey and vodka.

We love the happy hour. Enjoy the $5 drinks and nibbles such as pickles, spiced nuts, giardiniera—which is an Italian pickled vegetable medley—kale chips, and chicken liver mousse starting from $9.

Preserve Annapolis sells a line of fermented items from their line Cabbage Alley. They sell sauerkraut, kimchi, and curtido, a fermented cabbage relish that’s an accompaniment to a classic Salvadoran street food.

Make your escape to Annapolis today with At Home Annapolis and see for yourself why we love Preserve Restaurant Annapolis.

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