Carrol’s Creek Café

Every vacation meal has the chance of becoming that one meal you never forget, but never more than during your Annapolis getaway. Known for exquisitely prepared meals and famous for tasty crab dishes, Annapolis knows what makes people happy, and Carrol’s Creek Café knows better than most! One of our favorite spots to go for date nights and special occasions, every meal on the menu is bound to be the one you won’t want to live without. Open every day of the week with varying hours, their Sunday brunch is particularly popular for celebrations, but don’t wait for a special occasion to check it out!

Located at 410 Severn Avenue #100 in Annapolis

The quaint bungalows and tree-lined streets leading up to the marina home of Carrol’s Creek Cafe in Annapolis will bring a sense of peace even before you walk inside and get a glimpse of the harbor views from the floor to ceiling windows that make up the back wall of this elegant establishment. Once inside, it may be difficult to keep your attention to the path you follow behind the hostess; everywhere you turn you’ll see tables topped with white cloth and seafood meals that make your mouth water, and of course, the incredible harbor backdrop! A patio dining area may be your destination on warmer days, and if you time your meal for sunset, you’ll never want to eat anywhere else ever again!

The Menu of Carrol’s Creek Café

Starting with a strong appetizer menu loaded with fan favorites that include empanadas, red wine onion soup, and of course, a jumbo lump crab cake, you can’t go wrong with any of your choices! Carrol’s Creek Cafe in Annapolis specializes in seafood, seared scallops, crab cakes, even jumbo shrimp and salmon, but that doesn’t mean their land lubbers menu is not worthy of mentioning. Thick and juicy grilled filet mignon, locally sourced chicken breasts served with mushrooms, onions, green beans, tomatoes, and fingerling potatoes, and for those who limit their meat intake, a Quinoa Bowl filled with onions, artichokes, mixed olives, fresh basil, baby lettuce, beet slices, and tri-color quinoa; the meals served at Carrol’s Creek Café will fill holes in your soul that you never knew needed to be filled! Dessert options are plentiful and include Coffee and Donuts Bread Pudding, cheesecake, and a Flourless Chocolate Cake that you’ll want to try again and again! Their brunch menu offers many of the same dishes as their regular menu but includes a savory Crab, Spinach, and Swiss Omelet and a sweet treat of Bananas Foster French Toast. Also offering a full bar and an extensive wine and craft menu, every craving you have will be sated at Carrol’s Creek Café. Call 410-263-1802 for reservations.

The Finer Things in Life

Once you discover a taste for the finer things in life, you will never go back. Carrol’s Cree Café and the exquisite cuisine is just the start! And after a great dinner filled with all your new favorites, you may not quite be ready to head home, so how does a night at the theater sound? Annapolis Shakespeare Company – The Classic Theater of Maryland is located at 1804 West Street and offers the perfect second chapter to your evening out on the town. Open again after a brief pandemic hiatus, the first show back on the marquis is, not surprisingly, A Christmas Carol, which will be playing from November 27th through December 27th, adding a touch of whimsy and wonder to the winter holiday season!

But wait, there is more! If you are reading this during the tail end of the pandemic, it has probably been a while since you have had a really good night on the town, and as always, Annapolis delivers in times of need! Still on a high from the truly excellent performances put on by the Shakespeare company, now it is time to bring things down a notch with a visit to Davis Pub. This local pub has been a part of the landscape of Annapolis for almost a century, opened by George Washington Davis as a general store in the 1920s, then morphing into Davis Lounge in the 40s, and finally making its last transformation into the spot we know and love today the inexorable Davis Pub! Simple, friendly, and a long-lasting tribute to good service and even better drinks, the food is amazing here too, and if you are hungry again after a long night of shenanigans, we suggest you try the crab cakes for a late-night snack. As a matter of fact, while in Annapolis, crab cakes are always the answer, no matter what question you are asking!

Not All Adventures Are Large Ones

Sometimes after a really great meal, all you need to make the evening a perfect one is a quiet walk holding hands with the one you love most. And if that walk takes you in the direction of Chesapeake Bay, all the better! Feeling the cool bay waters kissing your cheeks as you walk under the romantic glow of a full moon offers a serenity you won’t often find in your bigger adventures and the memories of this special night filled with good food, great drinks, and the best person are ones you will treasure forever!

Enjoy the Leftovers at Home

Your meal at Carrol’s Creek is one that should be lingered over and enjoyed fully, and when you can’t finish it all, it will taste even better in your At Home Annapolis vacation escape! Reserve yours today! Read about the top 5 things to do in Annapolis.

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