Carpaccio Tuscan Kitchen

As your tour of the town takes you from one old country to another, Carpaccio Tuscan Kitchen in Annapolis is the perfect next step in your journey to this city! Open every day of the week at 11 AM and closing at 10 PM on weeknights and 11 PM on weekends, this eatery holds a special spot in our hearts. Perfect for celebrations, special occasions, or for random Wednesday night dinners, every dish is perfectly prepared and authentically delicious! Oh, and their Limoncello Martinis serve dual purpose, as they taste like a dessert in a glass!

Located at 1 Park Place in Annapolis

The cobblestone streets outside Carpaccio and the stone walls in which it is housed may be pure Annapolis, but the inside is all Italy. Sleek, modern, and stylish, the upscale surroundings are loved by all who visit. Elegantly proportioned and designed with glass accents, a wall of wines hint at the pleasures you are about to imbibe. Outside, a small patio adorned with a fountain that could have come straight from the Piazza di Trevi offers a quiet place to enjoy your pasta on a cool summer night. As you sit at your table sipping on your favorite cabernet, the sight (and scent) of meals going to other tables may make you salivate more than a little, but you can rest assured your dream meal will be out in just a minute!

The Menu of Carpaccio Tuscan Kitchen

There are no wrong choices on the Carpaccio Tuscan Kitchen menu, just famously delicious options. Start with the Oysters Rockefeller—just a plateful to stimulate your appetite—and prepare for an explosion of flavor. As you peruse the menu, you’ll discover a large selection of expertly prepared dishes. From appetizers of grilled calamari to salads filled with locally sourced vegetables and classic main dishes you’ve loved all your life, these dishes never fail to please.

Offering pizza created with hand tossed crusts and baked in brick ovens, Italian sensations such as Risotto Pescatore and Pappardelle Bolognese, and a choice of perfectly prepared chicken, veal, and seafood meals, the most difficult part of the evening will be deciding on just one dish! Side dishes that include roasted brussel sprouts, truffle mac & cheese, and creamy polenta with shaved parmigiana will bring guests a new appreciation for a part of the meal they probably didn’t pay much attention to before this. Carpaccio Tuscan Kitchen in Annapolis has new ways to create classic dishes and you won’t miss the old ways at all!

La Vita Bella

When you’ve folded your napkin neatly in your empty plate, taken your last sip of your Limoncello Martini, and prepare to head home to your At Home Annapolis vacation escape, you will truly know you are living the most beautiful life of all! Reserve your stay in one of our Annapolis vacation homes today! Learn more about us!

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