Commissioning Week in Annapolis

Any time you choose to visit our historic city on the Chesapeake Bay is guaranteed to be the time of your lives, but there are certain times of the year that the excitement factor is amped way up: Christmas holidays, sailboat races in the summer, and Commissioning Week in May! These events and holidays all hold a special place in our hearts, but if we had to choose a favorite, believe it or not, we would choose Commissioning Week! This wonderful week strikes a patriotic nerve that will make you proud to be an American staying in an All-American vacation home rentals in Annapolis, MD.

What is Commissioning Week

Our naval and naval family readers will already know the secret, but those who aren’t military probably haven’t the slightest clue as to what this week is all about, so to make it simple, Commissioning Week is a week of patriotic parties that lead up to the grand finale of the Naval Academy graduation! Featuring Blue Angel shows, tours of the academy itself, and a host of other exciting events and adventures, this week is one that our hardworking future seamen look forward to all year long. And we’re here to tell you, the sights and sounds of the Blue Angels flying in formation overhead will get your heart beating a little faster, just as the sight of the eager young faces of tomorrow’s heroes receiving their commissions will make you proud. This week may be a party, but the graduating ceremony is all business!

A Turn of the Key

When you stay with in one of our vacation homes in Annpolis, MD, a turn of the key will open the doors to wonders you just don’t expect from simple vacation homes! Many of our vacation home rentals in Annapolis, MD are built of high-end materials, ensuring they will be around for centuries to come. Follow wood floors polished to a warm and golden glow to rooms built for families to live in. Find Kitchens that truly are the heart of the home, spacious, cheery, and fully equipped to give you the options to stay home, save money, and cook many meals yourself. Living areas with large fireplaces will keep you warm in the colder months of winter and offer cozy niches for reading, watching tv, or simply taking a nap. Commissioning Week adventures use up a lot of energy, so rest up and be prepared! The bedrooms are tranquil havens of peace and serenity; cloud-soft beds covered with high thread count linens and pillows that support your head and neck in exactly the way needed ensure your sleep will be deep and happy! Our attention to detail guarantees your complete satisfaction.

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