William Paca House and Gardens

The history of Annapolis is a long and rich one dating back to before the Declaration of Independence was signed. Our early residents fought hard for the freedoms we take for granted today, and the beginning of their dreams coming true started with the signing of the Declaration of Independence. Four of those brave citizens made their homes right here in our city on the bay. William Paca, a three-term Governor of Maryland, is one of those four. His home and gardens, constructed in 1763 and designed by the former Governor himself, still stands today, serving as a testament of his will and strength of design. Open for tours from March through December every day of the week, 10 AM until 5 PM Monday through Saturday, and noon through 5 PM on Sundays, a visit to the William Paca House and Gardens offers a fascinating glimpse into the history of Annapolis and our country.

Located at 186 Prince George Street

The home of our third Governor is an expansive one, spreading out over of an area of 87,000 square feet. It is constructed of the red brick that could almost be considered a symbol of Annapolis architecture. After nearly losing this beloved treasure due to old age and neglect, in 1965 it was chosen by Historic Annapolis to be restored and today is a shining example of their work making it one of the top attractions in Annapolis. The William Paca House has been through many transformations over the centuries, each more fascinating than the last, from serving as the private residence of Governor Paca to ending its days as one of Annapolis’ finest hotels a short while before Historic Annapolis began its restoration work. The furnishings and décor date back to colonial times, giving a postcard perfect picture of the life of the upper class, both good and bad as slavery was once an integral part of that picture.

2 Acres of Gardens

On the lighter side, the William Paca Gardens offer an aromatic glimpse into the past, containing heirloom plants that would be lost forever if not for their caretakers, a summerhouse with pond and picturesque bridge, and a kitchen garden filled with herbs and vegetables that were most often used in the preparation of meals. Grocery stores were not a part of early colonial life, but the flavorful herbs planted here would ensure that each meal prepared was a savory delight. Today, weddings are often held in the garden of the William Paca House, providing the perfect backdrop to a couple’s perfect day.

Not as Grand as the William Paca House and Gardens

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