Fort Meade NSA Cryptologic Museum

What many people don’t realize is just how close the city of Annapolis is to Washington D.C. Located just over 30 miles from our nation’s capital, it played a significant part in our country’s history. And being so close, it should be of no surprise to learn that the Fort Meade NSA Cryptologic Museum is located just outside Annapolis in Annapolis Junction. Affiliated with the National Security Agency and offering a unique look into the security of our country, it immediately becomes a favorite of everyone who walks through its doors. Children, especially, fall in love with the secret agent exhibits, reveling in the James Bond nature of the museum.

Located at 8290 Colony Seven Rd, Annapolis Junction

The non-descript building constructed of brick and glass was once a hotel, but today it holds many of the secrets of the unsung heroes who sacrificed pretty much everything to protect our country. The spies that never revealed their identities during times of war are celebrated here as we finally learn many of their secrets. Open six days a week—they are closed on Saturdays—the museum is actually located right next to the NSA headquarters and is the first museum of its sort, offering us the opportunity to learn about the history of cryptology, explore the thousands of documents and books that are unclassified or have become declassified in the Museum Library, and to revisit the most dramatic moments in American history, dating back to the Revolutionary War. Exhibits include early computers and a variety of cryptology devices used to keep our country safe and these are what make this one of the top activities in Annapolis.

In the Hall of Honor we learn about those citizens who contributed greatly to the world of cryptology, and although it has nothing to do with secret service, the exhibit on Hobo Life offers a fascinating glimpse into the lives of the American nomads who traveled the country aboard trains. As you explore the rooms learning about the “magic of Purple,” examining Vietnam War exhibits and other historic moments in cryptology, you may be surprised and moved when you come upon the September 11th Memorial that helps you understand even more clearly the importance of the NSA and the work they do.

Safe and Welcomed

Luckily, even after visiting the Fort Meade NSA Cryptologic Museum, there is no Cold War in our At Home Annapolis classic vacation homes, only warmth, comfort, and welcoming. Reserve yours today!

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