5 Annapolis Facts You May Not Know About!

Annapolis has as much character, if not more, than any city you will visit throughout the United States. A big part of this character is derived from the history of this city, which extends further back than the Revolutionary War. Adventuring this city is a one of a kind experience. For this reason, it is an amazing place to visit. But there are many extraordinary things about Annapolis that many people know nothing about. The following are five lesser known Annapolis facts.

Annapolis was the First Capital of the United States

This city was home to the Continental Congress during the two years following the Revolutionary War, after which time it was moved. This speaks to the incredible history of this city. You cannot walk these streets or patronize the city’s many establishments without interacting with some historical significance. This is one way in which visitors find joy in a trip here.

This City Loves Crab

If you speak to someone from Maryland, and Annapolis in particular, they will tell you that it is the place to go for the best crab in the entire world. The Annapolis Rotary Crab Fest is a testament to this, as it is the largest crab festival in the world. The community loves it, but they do not need a festival in order to celebrate the amazing food that is crab, as it is estimated that over four million crabs are cracked every year in Annapolis.

It is the Sailing Capital of the United States

The only thing that Annapolis takes more seriously than crab is sailing, that is an Annapolis fact! Every day, you can enjoy watching countless sail boats speckle the harbor and venture out into these beautiful waters. With this being the case, a trip to Annapolis is not quite complete without getting out on the water in some capacity.

The City is Home to the Country’s Naval Academy

The Naval Academy was founded in 1845 and remains one of the city’s most beautiful places to visit. You can take advantage of daily tours or just poke around their incredible Maritime Library. This always provides a memorable experience for visitors.

Annapolis is One of Least Populated State Capitals in the Country

In fact, it is the 8th least populated state capital in the United States. It is a small place, but it is certainly not lacking any character. Visitors tend to love the small-town feel that comes with this city.

An Annapolis Fact: It is Home to Some of the Most Charming Real Estate Around

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