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3 Tips for Traveling Light in Annapolis

When you’re traveling to any city, packing lightly can be a great benefit to your vacation. You’ll have less stuff to keep track of, less weight to carry, and less to pack up at the end of your trip. Take our top three Annapolis travel tips on traveling light to Annapolis:


Tip #1: Buy Local Whenever Possible


The less you bring, the easier your time will be when you’re doing the dull part of the vacation (packing, unpacking, and lugging your stuff around). So save on space by buying local whenever the opportunity is there. When you get into town, you can stock up on snacks for the trip at our favorite local grocery spots, like Anne Arundel County Farmers Market, or Maryland Table (great for healthy options), and save yourself the trouble of bringing any along.


Tip #2: Check the Weather Ahead of Time


This is a big one! Being prepared for the weather can dramatically impact the success of your suitcase packing job. Make sure to check the Annapolis weather forecast a few days before you come, and then again right before you leave, in order to get the most accurate prediction. This can save you from such nuisances as bringing a heavy jacket when you only need a light sweater or bringing an umbrella when it never rains a drop. You can tailor your wardrobe specifically to the weather and cut out all the extras and maybes, lightening the load. Shoes are one of the easiest ways to cut down on packing too. You really only need one or two pairs.


Tip #3: Choose a Rental Home (Not a Hotel!)


Cheap hotel rooms come at the cost of freedom, space, and utility. Rent a vacation home while you’re in town instead and relish in the lush comforts that feel just like home! You’ll have plenty of fridge space for anything you might pick up in town, and a washer/dryer so you can wash some clothes while you’re here. That way you don’t have to pack as much or halt your whole vacation for a trip to the laundromat. With other amenities cutting down your packing list (like soft pillows, toiletries, towels, and more) a rental home is your best bet for a lightweight vacation.


Spend Your Stay with At Home Annapolis


At Home Annapolis is the answer to your simplest and easiest vacation. We have all those amenities and utilities taken care of for you, so that you’re freer to enjoy your time in Annapolis. Simply head over to our catalog today and get started on the hunt for your perfect vacation rental home.

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